10 Common Illnesses in Young Children

10 common illnesses in young children

Although common illnesses in young children typically aren’t that serious, it’s important to understand the signs, symptoms, and treatment so the illness is contained. Young children are exposed to new germs and viruses almost everywhere they go. Because their immune systems are so new, they aren’t strong enough to fight off even mild infections. Knowing […]

7 Ways for Fathers to Connect with Their Baby

7 ways for fathers to connect with their baby

It can sometimes be difficult for fathers to connect with their babies. Babies have a deep connection with their mother from the moment they are conceived. Once they are born, that connection grows deeper through recovering from labor and frequent breastfeeding. Fathers may feel left out or like they don’t know how to connect with […]

Emily Pham

Infant Teacher

My name is Emily and I am an infant teacher. My aim with this position is to learn how children develop as unique individuals and learn how to support their holistic growth. I am currently a student at San Francisco
State University majoring in Child and Adolescent Development. With this experience, I am hoping to get a sense on whether I want to continue to work in the classroom or if I want to learn the administrative side of education. The experience of working directly with children is gratifying and I wish to create a safe space for children to explore with all of their senses as they develop their own personalities. I hope to be able to help build a strong foundation so that the children can have the confidence and ability to express themselves.