How Environment Influences Development in a Child’s Early Years

How Environment Influences Development in a Child’s Early Years

Young children are like sponges. Everything they see, hear, feel, and touch has a larger effect on them than we might realize. This is precisely why the environment they’re raised in is so important.  As parents and caretakers, we must understand all the ways our children are growing and learning from age 0-5 and how […]

How to Keep Your Baby Entertained

How to keep your baby entertained

It can feel like you have absolutely no time to yourself when you have a baby – like every time you need to clean something, take a shower, or get some work done they start crying or come searching for you! You might think the best way to solve this problem is to plan everything […]

Emily Pham

Infant Teacher

My name is Emily and I am an infant teacher. My aim with this position is to learn how children develop as unique individuals and learn how to support their holistic growth. I am currently a student at San Francisco
State University majoring in Child and Adolescent Development. With this experience, I am hoping to get a sense on whether I want to continue to work in the classroom or if I want to learn the administrative side of education. The experience of working directly with children is gratifying and I wish to create a safe space for children to explore with all of their senses as they develop their own personalities. I hope to be able to help build a strong foundation so that the children can have the confidence and ability to express themselves.